5 Questions to Determine if a Food is Acid or Alkaline

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5 Questions to Determine if a Food is Acid or Alkaline

Here are easy 5-Questions to quickly determine if a food is alkaline. If you’re ever wondering this simple set of questions, and if the answers are more Yes, than No, then chances are, it’s alkaline. If you get more No’s, then the food is likely acidic forming and should be avoided (or at least enjoyed in moderation).

Step 1: Is the food fresh?

If it is fresh then it has more of its nutrients intact. Generally, fresh foods are more alkaline than their packaged counterparts.

Step 2: Does the food have low sugar?

If there is naturally occurring, or added sugar then chances are it isn’t going to be very acidic. If it has high levels of minerals and low sugar (lemons, for example), then the food can sometimes be Alkaline.

Step 3: Is it Green?

Green vegetables contain high levels of chlorophyll which is very alkaline. If a food is green it is likely alkaline.

Step 4: Is it a Vegetable?

Vegetables of all forms tend to have lower sugar levels and higher levels of minerals so are almost all mildly-to-very alkaline forming.

Step 5: Does it contain water?

Water is the lifeblood of the planet, and as such, most foods that contain water also contain living minerals which make them alkaline forming.


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